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Shows dialog to select a folder.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
FileDialog 2.7 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No
MBS( "FileDialog.SelectFolderDialog" )




Returns "OK", "Cancel" or an error.


Shows dialog to select a folder.
If dialog finishes well, you can query paths.

Added support for multiple selection on Windows with plugin version for 6.4.


Run Select Folder Dialog:

Delete All Records [No dialog]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.Reset")]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetShowHidden"; FileDialog::ShowHidden)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetAllowMulti"; FileDialog::AllowMulti)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetResolvesAliases"; FileDialog::ResolvesAliases)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetTreatsFilePackagesAsDirectories"; FileDialog::TreatsFilePackagesAsDirectories)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetCanSelectHiddenExtension"; FileDialog::CanSelectHiddenExtension)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetWindowTitle"; FileDialog::WindowTitle)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetInitialDirectory"; FileDialog::InitialDirectory)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetNameFieldLabel"; FileDialog::NameFieldLabel)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetPrompt"; FileDialog::Prompt)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetMessage"; FileDialog::Message)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetNameFieldStringValue"; FileDialog::NameFieldStringValue)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SelectFolderDialog")]
If [$r = "OK"]
    Set Variable [$index; Value:0]
    Set Variable [$count; Value:MBS("FileDialog.GetPathCount")]
        New Record/Request
        Set Field [FileDialog::Path; MBS("FileDialog.GetPath"; $index)]
        Commit Records/Requests []
        Set Variable [$index; Value:$index + 1]
        Exit Loop If [$index = $count]
    End Loop
End If

Export all containers to one folder:

#Ask for folder?
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.Reset")]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SetMessage"; "Export folder?")]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("FileDialog.SelectFolderDialog")]
If [$r = "OK"]
    #get path from dialog:
    Set Variable [$npath; Value:MBS( "FileDialog.GetPath"; 0 )]
    #convert to FileMaker path for Export Field Contents
    Set Variable [$fpath; Value:MBS( "Path.NativePathToFileMakerPath"; $npath )]
    #Loop over all records:
    Go to Record/Request/Page [First]
        #Export files from this record
        #figure out file name
        Set Variable [$name; Value:GetAsText ( Container Batch Export::Test1 )]
        Set Variable [$name; Value:GetValue($name; 1)]
        Set Variable [$name; Value:MBS( "Path.LastPathComponent"; $name )]
        Set Variable [$dpath; Value:MBS( "Path.AddPathComponent"; $fpath; $name )]
        Export Field Contents [Container Batch Export::Test1; “$dpath”]
        #Next record
        Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]
    End Loop
End If

Select folder in one expression:


r = MBS("FileDialog.Reset");
r = MBS("FileDialog.SelectFolderDialog");
folder = If ( r = "OK" ; MBS("FileDialog.GetPath"; 0); "" )

]; folder)

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 21st June 2017

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