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Deletes a value of a contact.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Contacts 10.1 Yes No No No Yes
MBS( "CNContact.DeleteValue"; ContactIdentifier; Selector { ; Identifier } )   More


Parameter Description Example value
ContactIdentifier The contact identifier. "46B1E34D-58F9-4B6B-A80D-0F71ABB87A0E"
Selector Which value to set. "givenName"
Identifier Optional
Identifier or label to delete only one entry in a list.
Pass empty text to delete all.


Returns OK or error.


Deletes a value of a contact.
Selector can be birthday, contactRelations, dates, departmentName, emailAddresses, familyName, givenName, imageData, imageDataAvailable, instantMessageAddresses, jobTitle, middleName, namePrefix, nameSuffix, nickname, nonGregorianBirthday, organizationName, phoneNumbers, phoneticFamilyName, phoneticGivenName, phoneticMiddleName, phoneticOrganizationName, postalAddresses, previousFamilyName, socialProfiles, thumbnailImageData, note, type, ImageData and thumbnailImageData or urlAddresses.

PhoneNumbers, emailAddresses, postalAddresses, urlAddresses, contactRelations, socialProfiles, instantMessageAddresses and dates can specify a label/identifier to delete only one entry.


Delete home address:

MBS( "CNContact.DeleteValue"; $contactID; "postalAddresses"; "home")

Delete all emails:

MBS( "CNContact.DeleteValue"; $contactID; "emailAddresses"; "")

Delete job title:

MBS( "CNContact.DeleteValue"; $contactID; "jobTitle")

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Created 2nd March 2020, last changed 2nd March 2020

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