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New in version 3.3

Name Description Mac/Win
Addressbook.searchGroupsWithName Searches groups matching the group name. Mac only
Container.Remove Removes a stream from container value. All
DragDrop.GetTag Queries the tag string for this dropview. Mac/Win
DragDrop.GetWindowRef Queries the window where this dropview is located. Mac/Win
DragDrop.SetTag Sets the tag string for this dropview. Mac/Win
DynaPDF.FlushPages The function writes the pages in memory to the PDF file. All
DynaPDF.GetColorSpace The function returns the active color space. All
DynaPDF.GetLineWidth Queries the line width. All
DynaPDF.GetPageCoords Queries the current coordinate system. All
DynaPDF.ImportPageAsTemplate Imports a page and creates a template which you can place on new PDF pages. All
DynaPDF.OpenOutputFile The function opens the output file into which the PDF file should be written. All
DynaPDF.PlaceTemplate The function places a template on a page, another open template, or pattern. All
DynaPDF.PlaceTemplateEx The function places a template on a page, another open template, or pattern. All
DynaPDF.SaveAndSignFile Saves and signs the current PDF to a container value which you can assign to a container field. All
DynaPDF.SetColorSpace The function activates a device color space in the graphics state. All
DynaPDF.SetLineWidth The function sets the line width used to stroke paths. All
DynaPDF.SetPageCoords Sets the coordinate system origin. All
DynaPDF.SetPageFormat The function sets a predefined page or paper format. All
Email.Verify Verifies if an email is valid. All
FM.RunScriptIdle Runs a script after idle period. All
Files.Delete Deletes a file directly without moving to trash. All
Hash.PBKDF2.HMAC Returns the PBKDF2 hash value of the data, first applying the salt value and using the specified hashAlgorithm. All
Hash.RandomHexString Creates a random hex string. All
Notification.List Returns list of all notification names registered. Mac/Win
Notification.Unlisten Unregisters a notification handler. Mac/Win
Plugin.Path Queries the native file path to the plugin. All
SerialPort.LastError Returns the system error from last serial port function call. Mac/Win
SystemInfo.IdleTime Returns the global idle time in seconds. Mac/Win
Trace.Off Disables tracing. All
Twain.ClearCancelScript Clears the cancel script. Mac/Win
Twain.ClearNotificationScript Clears the notification script. Mac/Win
Twain.GetAutomaticBorderDetection Queries whether plugin should enable automatic border detection. Mac/Win
Twain.GetAutomaticRotate Queries whether plugin should enable automatic rotation. Mac/Win
Twain.GetUIVisible Queries internal state from plugin about whether a TWAIN dialog is visible currently. Mac/Win
Twain.SetAutomaticBorderDetection Whether to enable automatic border detection when next scan starts. Mac/Win
Twain.SetAutomaticRotate Whether to enable automatic rotation when next scan starts. Mac/Win
Twain.SetCancelScript Sets the script to call when a dialog was shown and the user pressed Cancel button. Mac/Win
Window.List Queries the list of FileMaker windows. Mac/Win
Window.RemoveMenu Removes the menu on a window. Win only

39 functions.

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