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Component: RemoteControl

Press keys or move/click mouse.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
RemoteControl.ClickMouse Moves the mouse cursor and performs a click. Both 2.8
RemoteControl.FindWindow Finds a window on Windows based on class name and/or window title. Win only 2.8
RemoteControl.GetWindowsList On Windows queries the list of all window references. Win only 2.8
RemoteControl.HideCursor Hides the mouse cursor. Both 3.4
RemoteControl.MouseX Queries current position of the mouse cursor on screen. Both 2.8
RemoteControl.MouseY Queries current position of the mouse cursor on screen. Both 2.8
RemoteControl.MoveMouse Moves the mouse cursor. Both 2.8
RemoteControl.PressCommandKey Presses command key on Mac. Mac only 2.8
RemoteControl.PressControlKey Presses control key. Both 2.8
RemoteControl.PressDialogButton Presses a dialog button. Mac only 6.2
RemoteControl.PressDialogButton.Clear Stops the dialog button press command. Mac only 6.2
RemoteControl.PressKey Presses a key. Both 2.8
RemoteControl.PressKeyLater Presses a key after delay. Both 6.2
RemoteControl.PressOptionKey Presses option/alt key. Both 2.8
RemoteControl.PressShiftKey Presses shift key. Both 2.8
RemoteControl.ShowCursor Shows the mouse cursor. Both 3.4

16 functions.

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