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Component: Printer

List printers and set/get default printer. Select printer on Windows.

See PrintDialog functions for Mac, too.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Printer.CurrentPaperFormat Returns the selected paper format. Win only 6.5
Printer.CurrentPaperSource Returns the selected paper source. Win only 6.5
Printer.CurrentPrintWhat Returns the selected item to print. Win only 6.5
Printer.CurrentPrinterName Returns the selected printer name. Win only 6.5
Printer.ErrorLog Queries the error log from Printer.Setup functions. Win only 6.5
Printer.GetDefaultPrinter Queries default system printer. Mac/Win 3.0
Printer.PaperFormats Queries paper formats. Win only 6.5
Printer.PaperSources Queries paper sources. Win only 6.5
Printer.Print Prints a document with options. Win only 6.5
Printer.PrinterCount Queries the number of printers. Mac/Win 3.0
Printer.PrinterInfo Queries printer info. Mac/Win 6.5
Printer.PrinterName Queries the name of the printer with given index. Mac/Win 3.0
Printer.PrinterNames Queries printer names. Win only 6.5
Printer.SetPrinter Switches printer. Win only 6.5

14 functions.

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