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Component: CoreML

macOS 10.13 and iOS 11 functions for machine learning.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
CoreML.AddArrayParameter Adds an array parameter. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.AddDoubleParameter Adds a double parameter. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.AddImageParameter Adds an image parameter. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.AddIntegerParameter Adds an integer parameter. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.AddTextParameter Adds a text parameter. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.AddUndefinedParameter Adds an undefined parameter. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.Available Whether CoreML is available. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.Clear Clears all parameters. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.CompileModel Compiles a model file. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.Description Queries the description of the model. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.GetUsesCPUOnly Queries whether to use CPU only. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.OpenModel Opens a compiled model file. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.PredictionFromFeatures Runs model with set parameters. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.Release Releases a model. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.ResultImage Queries result image. Mac/iOS 7.4
CoreML.SetUsesCPUOnly Sets whether to use CPU only. Mac/iOS 7.4

16 functions.

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