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Creates the cross product from two lists.

Component: List
Version: 6.1
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: Yes
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: Yes

MBS( "QuickList.CrossProduct"; List1; List2 { ; Prefix; Midfix; Postfix; Flags } )


Parameter Description Example value
List1 The reference to the first quicklist. $List1
List2 The reference to the second quicklist. $List2
Prefix Optional
The prefix to use
Midfix Optional
The middle to use.
This text is put between texts from both lists.
Postfix Optional
The postfix to use
Flags Optional
Pass 1 to return result as new QuickList.
This new list must be freed later using QuickList.Free function. Pass 0 (Default) to modify the list in the List1 parameter.
Add 2 for a diagonal cross, so we combine each element of first list with the same element index from the second list.


Returns list or error.


Creates the cross product from two lists.
Optionally adds prefix, postfix and midfix.
Returns empty list if one of the lists are empty!


Try in a Let statement:

list1 = MBS("QuickList.New"; "Hello¶World");
list2 = MBS("QuickList.New"; "1¶2");
e = MBS("QuickList.CrossProduct"; list1; list2);
r = MBS("QuickList.GetList"; list1);
d = MBS("QuickList.Free"; list1);
d = MBS("QuickList.Free"; list2)
]; r)

See also

QuickList.Count   -   QuickList.Deserialize

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