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Component: QuickLook
Version: 2.3
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: No
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: No

MBS( "Icon.GetIconWithQuickLook"; Path; Size )


Parameter Description Example value
Path The path to the file or folder. "/Applications"
Size The size of the icon picture you'd like to have. Suggested range is from 16 to 512 pixel. 512


Container value.


Queries the Finder icon for the file or folder with the given path.
This method tries first to get QuickLook preview for the file, before it tries the icon. QuickLook requires Mac OS X 10.5. Size specifies the icon size from 16 to 512 pixel. The container value returned includes PNG data with alpha, JPEG preview, filename and size.

Version 4.3 adds support for Windows. We now query same thumbnail as explorer uses.
See also Icon.GetIcon.


Queries preview on iPhoto app:

MBS( "Icon.GetIconWithQuickLook"; "/Applications/"; 512 )

See also

Icon.GetIcon   -   Icon.SetIcon

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