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Mounts a network share.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Files 5.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
MBS( "Files.Mount"; URL { ; Dest; Username; Password; Interactive; Prompt } )   More


Parameter Description Example value
URL The URL for the network resource.
Dest Optional
The destination path to mount to. If you leave this empty, the system decides. On Mac this can be the path to a folder where to mount new disk inside, e.g. to make a private mount.
Username Optional
The user name. If none is provided, system can take credentials from keychain.
Password Optional
The password to use.
Interactive Optional
Default is 0 for no dialogs. But you can pass 1 to have a dialog show up.
Prompt Optional
Pass 1 on Windows to show dialog always to enter password.


Returns path or error.


Mounts a network share.
Use on Server may require extra work as server runs with a different user account than you being logged in on the server machine. Permissions don't always allow things to be done.

When used on Linux the parameters are a little bit different:
Please pass source (URL), target (Dest), type (Username) and data (Password).
The dest path may need to be created first as new folder.


Mount Ablage1 on Mac:

MBS("Files.Mount"; "afp://Ablage1.local"; ""; ""; "")

Mount Ablage1 on Mac with password:

MBS("Files.Mount"; "afp://Ablage1.local"; ""; "root"; "xxx")

Mount something on Windows:

MBS("Files.Mount"; "\\\\myServer\\public"; "X:"; ""; "")

Mount Ablage 2 on Windows:

MBS( "Files.Mount"; "\\\\Ablage2.local\\Ablage2"; "H:" )
# password already known to Windows

Mount Ablage 2 on Windows with password:

MBS( "Files.Mount"; "\\\\Ablage2.local\\Ablage2"; "H:"; "root"; "xxx" )

Unmount drive:

MBS("Files.Unmount"; "H:")

Mounts AFP volume with space in name:

MBS( "Files.Mount"; "afp://" )

Mount on Linux:

MBS( "Files.Mount"; "//"; "/mnt/test"; "cifs"; "username=shareuser,password=sharepassword,domain=nixcraft")

Mount SMB share from Windows Server 2012:

MBS("Files.Mount"; "\\\ERP"; ""; "SRV2012\bob"; "test")

# please note the SRV2012\ prefix for the user name for this Windows server.

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