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Decrypts data with AES engine in CBC mode.

Component: Encryption
Version: 2.7
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: Yes
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: Yes

MBS( "Encryption.DecryptAES"; key; text { ; iv } )


Parameter Description Example value
key The key you want to use. "Hello"
text The text to decrypt. Should be hex encoded bytes from Encryption.EncryptAES. "1234567809ABCDEF"
iv Optional
The initial vector as a text with up to 16 bytes length.


Returns decrypted text.


Decrypts data with AES engine in CBC mode.
This function uses UTF-8 for key, text and iv parameters.
Keys shorter than 128 bit, 192 bit or 256 bit length are padded with null bytes to right size. This means that only the first 32 characters are used at most.
The plugin has no idea to verify if the key is correct. You need to make sure that you check if result is correct, e.g. by using a hash to verify if result is the expected value.
Deprecated. Please move to Encryption.Cipher for new projects.


Simply decrypt a text:

MBS( "Encryption.DecryptAES"; $key; $encrypted )

See also

Encryption.Cipher   -   Encryption.DecryptBlowfish

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