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Returns the most important properties of a system font.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
DynaPDF 5.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MBS( "DynaPDF.SysFontInfo"; PDF; Handle; Selector )   More


Parameter Description Example
PDF The PDF reference returned from DynaPDF.New. $pdf
Handle Font Handle or zero for first call 0
Selector Which value to return. Can be Result, BaseType, CIDOrdering, CIDRegistry, CIDSupplement, DataOffset, FamilyName, FilePath, FileSize, Flags, Embeddable, Editable, FullName, Length1, Length2, PostScriptName, Index, IsFixedPitch, Style, UnicodeRange1, UnicodeRange2, UnicodeRange3 or UnicodeRange4. "FamilyName"


Returns value or error.


Returns the most important properties of a system font.
For first call, please use zero for the handle. Than you can get with Selector "Result" the handle of the next font. Loop until this next handle is zero.
Embeddable returns 1 or 0 depending on whether the font can be embedded or not.
FamilyName, FullName, FilePath and PostScriptName are returned in unicode text if possible.


Get Family name of first font:

MBS( "DynaPDF.SysFontInfo"; $pdf; 0; "FamilyName" )

List System Fonts by adding records to a table with font names:

Set Variable [$Handle; Value:0]
    #Get values
    Set Variable [$NextHandle; Value:MBS("DynaPDF.SysFontInfo"; $pdf; $Handle; "Result")]
    Exit Loop If [$NextHandle = 0]
    New Record/Request
    Set Field [System Font Info::FamilyName; MBS("DynaPDF.SysFontInfo"; $pdf; $Handle; "FamilyName")]
    Set Field [System Font Info::Embeddable; MBS("DynaPDF.SysFontInfo"; $pdf; $Handle; "Embeddable")]
    Commit Records/Requests [Skip data entry validation; No dialog]
    Set Variable [$Handle; Value:$NextHandle]
End Loop

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Release notes

  • Version 10.5
    • Added DynaPDF.GetAnnotationsAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetBookmarksAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetColorSpacesAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetDocInfoAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetEmbeddedFilesAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetFieldsAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetFontsAsJSON, DynaPDF.GetImportDocInfoAsJSON and DynaPDF.SysFontInfoAsJSON functions.

Created 21st March 2015, last changed 23th March 2015

DynaPDF.StrokePath   -   DynaPDF.SysFontInfoAsJSON

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