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Changes the bounding box of a field.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
DynaPDF 4.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

MBS( "DynaPDF.SetFieldBBox"; PDF; Field; Left; Top; Right; Bottom )


Parameter Description Example value
PDF The PDF reference returned from DynaPDF.New. $pdf
Field The field index or field name. "FirstName"
Left The top/left coordinate. 10
Top The top/left coordinate. 10
Right The right/bottom coordinate. 50
Bottom The right/bottom coordinate. 30


Returns OK or error.


Changes the bounding box of a field.
The bounding box must be defined in bottom up coordinates. The Top member of the structure BBox must be larger than Bottom as well as Right must be larger than the Left member.

See also SetFieldBBox function in DynaPDF manual.

See also

DynaPDF.SetExtStrokeColorSpace   -   DynaPDF.SetFieldBackColor

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