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Whether to use EPSV command.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
CURL 2.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

MBS( "CURL.SetOptionFTPUseEPSV"; Handle; Value )


Parameter Description Example value
Handle The CURL session handle. $curl
Value Whether to use EPSV command or PASV. Pass 1 for EPSV or 0 for PASV. 1


Returns "OK" on success.


Whether to use EPSV command.
If the value is 1, it tells curl to use the EPSV command when doing passive FTP downloads (which it always does by default). Using EPSV means that it will first attempt to use EPSV before using PASV, but if you pass zero to this option, it will not try using EPSV, only plain PASV.

If the server is an IPv6 host, this option will have no effect as of 7.12.3.

See also

CURL.SetOptionFTPUseEPRT   -   CURL.SetOptionFTPUsePret

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