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Sets the priority of the toast notification.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
WindowsUserNotification 13.1 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ✅ Yes, on Windows ❌ No
MBS( "WindowsUserNotification.SetPriority"; Notification; Value )   More


Parameter Description Example
Notification The reference number for the Windows User Notification. $Notification
Value The new setting. 0


Returns OK or error.


Sets the priority of the toast notification.
Requires Windows 10 Creators Update (introduced in 10.0.15063.0)

The priority setting provides hints on how and at what urgency level a notification should be presented to the user (whether to wake up the screen, etc). Whether the notification is displayed in high priority is based on the state and power management policy of the device.

Pass 1 for high and 0 for normal.
Value is -1 to take Windows’ default setting.

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This function checks for a paid license.

Created 21st January 2023, last changed 21st January 2023

WindowsUserNotification.SetNotificationMirroring - WindowsUserNotification.SetRemoteId

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