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Sets the border color.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
WMFP 10.0 No Yes No No No
MBS( "WMFP.SetBorder"; Player; Color )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Player The reference number for the Windows Media Foundation Player object. $$Player
Color A color value.
This can be a string in the following format "HSL h s l a", "YUV y u v a", "RGB r g b a", "MONO m a", "GRAY g a" or "COLOR R G B a". Alpha value a is optional. Range of values is 0 to 1.0 except if you use COLOR where RGB values are 0 to 65535.
Can use hex notation. # followed by 2 digits for red, green, blue and optional alpha, e.g. #FF0000 for full red.


Returns OK or error.


Sets the border color.
The border color is used to letterbox the video.


Set border color:

MBS( "WMFP.SetBorder"; $$Player; "black")

Set border color to red:

MBS( "WMFP.SetBorder"; $$Player; "#FF0000")

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Created 25th December 2019, last changed 26th December 2019

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