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Queries details on current call.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
TAPI 4.4 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No
MBS( "TAPI.CallInfo"; Call; Selector )   More


Parameter Description Example
Call The call reference number. $Call
Selector Which value to query. "CalledIDName"


Returns value or error.


Queries details on current call.
Possible properties to query:
  • CallerIdName: The name of the caller.
  • CallerIdNumber: The number of the caller.
  • CalledIdName: The name of the called location.
  • CalledIdNumber: The number of the called location.
  • ConnectedIdName: The name of the connected location.
  • ConnectedIdName: The number of the connected location.
  • RedirectionIdName: The name of the location to which a call has been redirected.
  • RedirectionIdNumber: The number of the location to which a call has been redirected.
  • RedirectingIdName: The name of the location that redirected the call.
  • RedirectingIdNumber: The number of the location that redirected the call.
  • CalledPartyFriendlyName: The called party friendly name.
  • Comment: A comment about the call provided by the application that originated the call.
  • DisplayableAddress: A displayable version of the called or calling address.
  • CallingPartyID: The identifier of the calling party.
  • State: The state of the call: Idle, InProgress, Connected, Disconnected, Offering, Hold or Queued.
  • CountryCode: Country or region code.
  • CallID: Call identifier. Some service providers assign a unique code to each call.
  • Ref: Unique number of the call info object.
  • Privilege: The privilege level. Either Owner or Monitor.
  • Origin: Where the call is from. Can be Conference, External, InBound, Internal, OutBound, Unavailable or Unknown.
  • Reason: Why the call was coming. Can be CallCompletion, CampedOn, Direct, ForwardedBudy, ForwardedNoAnswer, ForwardedUnconditionally, Intrude, Parked, Pickup, Redirect, Reminder, RouterRequest, Transfer, Unavailable, Unknown or Unpark.
  • CallerIDAddressType: What type the caller ID has.
  • CalledIDAddressType: What type the called ID has.
  • ConnectedIDAddressType: What type the connected ID has.
  • RedirectionAddressType: What type the redirection ID has.
  • RedirectedAddressType: What type the redirected ID has.
The address type properties on bottom define what the number properties above specify. Can be Phone Number, SDP, E-Mail Name, Domain Name or IP Address.

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Created 22nd October 2014, last changed 9th November 2021

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