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Queries system information on Windows.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK
SystemInfo 11.2 ❌ No ✅ Yes ❌ No ✅ Yes, on Windows ❌ No
MBS( "SystemInfo.WindowsSystemInfo" { ; Native } )   More


Parameter Description Example Flags
Native Pass 0 for current environment or 1 for native environment.
Default is 0.
If there is no emulation, both results are identical.
0 Optional


Returns JSON or error.


Queries system information on Windows.
By passing in no argument or 0, you get the current configuration for the running application. Pass 1 to get native architecture information for emulated applications.
The JSON object returned contains the following keys:

ProcessorArchitectureProcessor architecture as number.
ProcessorArchitectureTextProcessor architecture as text. Value is INTEL, ARM, IA64, AMD64, X86OnAMD64, ARM64, X86OnArm64 or Unknown.
Bits32-bit or 64-bit
PageSizeThe page size and the granularity of page protection and commitment.
ActiveProcessorMaskA mask representing the set of processors configured into the system. Bit 0 is processor 0; bit 31 is processor 31.
NumberOfProcessorsThe number of logical processors in the current group.
ProcessorTypeThe processor type as number.
ProcessorTypeTextThe processor type as text: Intel386, Intel486, IntelPentium, IA64 or X8664.
AllocationGranularityThe granularity at which virtual memory can be allocated.
ProcessorLevelThe architecture-dependent processor level.
ProcessorRevisionThe architecture-dependent processor revision.

See SystemInfo.MachoArchInfo function for similar information for macOS.
Seems like Intel on ARM 64-bit emulation lies and doesn't reveal the real native architecture. Use SystemInfo.WindowsMachineInfo to determinate whether you run on ARM in emulation.


Query in FileMaker in 64-bit on Intel 64-bit computer:

MBS( "SystemInfo.WindowsSystemInfo" )

Example result:
  "ProcessorArchitecture":   9,
  "ProcessorArchitectureText":   "AMD64",
  "Bits":   64,
  "PageSize":   4096,
  "ActiveProcessorMask":   3,
  "NumberOfProcessors":   2,
  "ProcessorType":   8664,
  "ProcessorTypeText":   "X8664",
  "AllocationGranularity":   65536,
  "ProcessorLevel":   6,
  "ProcessorRevision":   40461

Query in FileMaker 18 in 32-bit on Intel 64-bit computer:

MBS( "SystemInfo.WindowsSystemInfo"; 0 )

Example result:
  "ProcessorArchitecture":   0,
  "ProcessorArchitectureText":   "INTEL",
  "Bits":   32,
  "PageSize":   4096,
  "ActiveProcessorMask":   3,
  "NumberOfProcessors":   2,
  "ProcessorType":   586,
  "ProcessorTypeText":   "IntelPentium",
  "AllocationGranularity":   65536,
  "ProcessorLevel":   6,
  "ProcessorRevision":   40461

Query FileMaker on a Windows ARM notebook:

MBS( "SystemInfo.WindowsSystemInfo"; 0 )
// shows emulated Intel architecture.

Example result:
  "ProcessorArchitecture": 9,
  "ProcessorArchitectureText": "AMD64",
  "Bits": 64,
  "PageSize": 4096,
  "ActiveProcessorMask": 3,
  "NumberOfProcessors": 2,
  "ProcessorType": 8664,
  "ProcessorTypeText": "X8664",
  "AllocationGranularity": 65536,
  "ProcessorLevel": 15,
  "ProcessorRevision": 1034

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Created 26th March 2021, last changed 30th March 2021

SystemInfo.WindowsMachineInfo - SystemInfo.isARM

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