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Queries Linux system information details.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK License
SystemInfo 11.2 ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes ✅ Yes, on Linux ❌ No Paid
MBS( "SystemInfo.LinuxSystemInfo" )




Returns JSON or error.


Queries Linux system information details.
Returns JSON with various information about the linux environment.

Values include:
UpTimeSeconds since boot
Loads1, 5, and 15 minute load averages
TotalRAMTotal usable main memory size
FreeRAMAvailable memory size
SharedRAMAmount of shared memory
BufferRAMMemory used by buffers
TotalSwapTotal swap space size
FreeSwapSwap space still available
ProcessesNumber of current processes
TotalHighTotal high memory size
FreeHighAvailable high memory size
MemoryUnitMemory unit size in bytes
ConfiguredProcessorsHow many CPU cores.
AvailableProcessorsHow many available to you.
TotalPhysicalPagesTotal physical memory pages
AvailablePhysicalPagesAvailable memory pages.

Usually RAM numbers are in bytes and since page size is usually 4096 bytes, TotalPhysicalPages * 4096 is TotalRAM.

For loads, you may need to divide by core count if you like to present it as percentage of CPU usage.

If loads are > AvailableProcessors, you may have not enough CPU power.
If FreeSwap is below TotalSwap, you have not enough RAM.


Run it on a Linux server with Ubuntu:

Exit Script [ Text Result: MBS("SystemInfo.LinuxSystemInfo") ]

Example result:
  "UpTime":   708,
  "Loads":   [0.023873, 0.048828, 0.067382],
  "TotalRAM":   4112195584,
  "FreeRAM":   1589587968,
  "SharedRAM":   1622016,
  "BufferRAM":   20881408,
  "TotalSwap":   4111462400,
  "FreeSwap":   4111462400,
  "Processes":   1010,
  "TotalHigh":   0,
  "FreeHigh":   0,
  "MemoryUnit":   1,
  "ConfiguredProcessors":   4,
  "AvailableProcessors":   4,
  "TotalPhysicalPages":   1003954,
  "AvailablePhysicalPages":   388083

Run it on a Linux server with CentOS:

Exit Script [ Text Result: MBS("SystemInfo.LinuxSystemInfo") ]

Example result:
  "UpTime":   803,
  "Loads":   [0.049316, 0.04345, 0.045898],
  "TotalRAM":   2964705280,
  "FreeRAM":   275378176,
  "SharedRAM":   0,
  "BufferRAM":   1105920,
  "TotalSwap":   2147479552,
  "FreeSwap":   2147479552,
  "Processes":   1150,
  "TotalHigh":   0,
  "FreeHigh":   0,
  "MemoryUnit":   1,
  "ConfiguredProcessors":   2,
  "AvailableProcessors":   2,
  "TotalPhysicalPages":   723805,
  "AvailablePhysicalPages":   67231

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Created 8th May 2021, last changed 13th May 2021

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