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Sets shared memory value.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
SharedMemory 10.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
MBS( "SharedMemory.SetValue"; Name; Value )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Name The name of the shared memory object. "test"
Value The text value to store. "Hello World"


Returns OK or error.


Sets shared memory value.
MBS Plugin provides SharedMemory functions to store UTF-8 text in shared memory, so one process can set it and other can read it, e.g. two versions of FileMaker Pro or two server processes.
The value is lost when computer restarts, but stays when application quits.


Store text in shared memory:

MBS( "SharedMemory.SetValue"; "test"; "Hello World" )

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Created 2nd February 2020, last changed 2nd February 2020

SharedMemory.GetValue   -   Shell.AddArgument

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