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Creates a bookmark from a file path.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Files 3.1 Yes No Yes, macOS only No Yes

MBS( "Files.CreateBookmark"; Path { ; RelativePath; PreferFileIDResolution } )


Parameter Description Example value
Path The native path to file or folder where the bookmark refers to. $path
RelativePath Optional
Optional the path of a file/folder being the relative path. This can be the native path to your database. This way you can later find the file again if database and target file moved together.
PreferFileIDResolution Optional
Optional, wether you prefer FileID resolution later over path resolution. Can be 1 or 0. Default is 0.


Returns bookmark data text or error message.


Creates a bookmark from a file path.
This is like an alias file in Finder, but as text, so you can store it in a text field in your database.

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