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Queries statistics for Audit functions.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK License
Audit 12.1 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes Paid
MBS( "Audit.Statistics" )




Returns JSON or error.


Queries statistics for Audit functions.
Values are returned as JSON.

CallsNumber of Audit.Changed, Audit.Changed2, etc. calls.
RecordsNumber of records checked.
FieldsNumber of fields checked.
InsertErrorsNumber of times the Inserts to AuditLog table failed.
GetFieldErrorsNumber of times calls to GetField() failed.
GetCountErrorsNumber of times calls to Count() failed.
FieldTypeErrorsNumber of times calls to FieldType() failed.
SelectValueErrorsNumber of times calls to SELECT to get old value failed.
SchemaTablesNumber of times schema got queried for tables.
SchemaFieldsNumber of times schema got queried for fields.
SchemaErrorsNumber of errors related to schema queries.

If things run normally, the error counts should be all zero. Calls should be higher than records.
Since we cache schema information, the SchemaTables and SchemaFields numbers should not change except every few minutes.

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Release notes

  • Version 12.2
    • Added SchemaCacheFlushed counter for Audit.Statistics function to show how often we flushed the table cache.
  • Version 12.1

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Created 2nd March 2022, last changed 2nd March 2022

Audit.SetUUIDField - Audit.TableIDForName

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