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Joins several search elements.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Addressbook 5.4 Yes No No No No
MBS( "Addressbook.searchElementForConjunction"; conjunction; SearchElements )   More


Parameter Description Example value
conjunction The logical operator with which to combine the search elements. Can be "AND" or "OR". "AND"
SearchElements List of search element IDs.


Returns ID or error.


Joins several search elements.
Returns a compound search element, created by combining the search elements in an array with the given conjunction.


Find people with last name and email matching:

Set Variable [$e1; Value:MBS( "Addressbook.searchElementForProperty"; "person"; "LastNameProperty"; ""; ""; "Schmitz"; "ContainsSubStringCaseInsensitive" )]
Set Variable [$e2; Value:MBS( "Addressbook.searchElementForProperty"; "person"; "EmailProperty"; ""; ""; "monkeybread"; "ContainsSubStringCaseInsensitive" )]
Set Variable [$e; Value:MBS( "Addressbook.searchElementForConjunction"; "and"; $e1 & ¶ & $e2 )]
Set Variable [$records; Value:MBS( "Addressbook.recordsMatchingSearchElement"; $e)]
Set Variable [$record; Value:GetValue($records; 1)]
Set Variable [$name; Value:MBS( "Addressbook.record.displayname"; $record )]
Show Custom Dialog [$name]

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Created 26th October 2015, last changed 26th October 2015   -   Addressbook.searchElementForProperty

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