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New in version 2.9

Name Description Mac/Win
CURL.SetOptionMailAuth Sets the mail auth option. All
Encryption.DecryptContainerAES Decrypts container value with AES engine in CFB mode. All
Encryption.DecryptContainerBlowfish Decrypts container value with Blowfish engine. All
Encryption.EncryptContainerAES Encrypts container value with AES engine in CFB mode. All
Encryption.EncryptContainerBlowfish Encrypts container value with Blowfish engine. All
Files.AccessDate Queries the access date of the file or folder. All
Files.CreationDate Queries the creation date of the file or folder. All
Files.FileDisplayName Queries the display name of the file or folder. All
Files.FileKind Queries the file kind string. Mac/Win
Files.FileName Queries the file name of the given path. All
Files.FileUTITypes Queries uniform type identifiers for this file. Mac only
Files.ModificationDate Queries the modification date of the file or folder. All
Math.NumberToText Converts a number value to a text string. All
Math.TextToNumber Converts a text to a number. All
NSEventFilter.DisableEvents Disable some events. Mac only
NSEventFilter.EnableAllEvents Enables all events. Mac only
NSEventFilter.EnableEvents Enable some events which had been disabled before. Mac only
OCR.Cleanup Shutdown the engine and free all memory. All
OCR.Clear Free up recognition results and any stored image data, without actually freeing any recognition data that would be time-consuming to reload. All
OCR.GetBoxText The recognized text is returned as a text which is coded in the same format as a box file used in training. All
OCR.GetHOCRText Make a HTML-formatted string with hOCR markup from the internal data structures. All
OCR.GetPageSegMode Queries page segmentation mode. All
OCR.GetText Returns recognized text. All
OCR.Initialize Initializes tesseract. All
OCR.Language Return the language used in the last valid initialization. All
OCR.MeanTextConf Returns the (average) confidence value between 0 and 100. All
OCR.Recognize Recognize the image. All
OCR.SetImage Provide an image for Tesseract to recognize. All
OCR.SetPageSegMode Sets page segmentation mode. All
OCR.SetRectangle Restrict recognition to a sub-rectangle of the image. All
PDFKit.GetPDFPageRotation Returns the page rotation angle in degrees. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.PageBounds Returns the bounds for the specified PDF display box. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.SetPDFPageRotation Sets the rotation angle for the page in degrees. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.allowsCopying Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the document allows copying of content to the Pasteboard. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.allowsPrinting Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the document allows printing. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.isEncrypted Returns a Boolean value specifying whether the document is encrypted. Mac/iOS
PDFKit.isLocked Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the document is locked. Mac/iOS
PHP.Execute Executes the specified php code and returns the text output. Mac/Win/Linux
PHP.ExistsVariable Checks if a variable exists. Mac/Win/Linux
PHP.GetResultString Returns the result of the last php script to run. Mac/Win/Linux
PHP.GetVariable Returns the value of the variable. Mac/Win/Linux
PHP.Init Initializes PHP. Mac/Win/Linux
PHP.Load This function is used to indicate where PHP is installed on the computer. Mac/Win/Linux
PHP.Run Executes the specified php code. Mac/Win/Linux
PHP.SetVariable Declares the variables in inside of PHP. Mac/Win/Linux
PHP.ShutDown Stops php. Mac/Win/Linux
Process.IsFrontMost Checks if FileMaker is the frontmost application. Mac/Win
Process.SetFrontMost Moves FileMaker application to the front. Mac only
ProgressDialog.SetFont Sets the label's text sizes. Mac/Win
SQL.MySQL.InsertID For MySQL Connection queries the last insert ID. All
SQL.SQLite3.LastInsertRowID For SQLite3, returns the last row ID used. All
Text.JaroWinklerDistance Calculates the string distance. All
Text.LevenshteinDistance Calculates the string distance. All
WebView.GetCustomUserAgent Queries the current custom user agent string. Mac only
WebView.SetCustomUserAgent Sets the custom user agent text. Mac only
Window.DisableScrollbars Disables the scrollbars in a FileMaker window. Mac/Win
Window.EnableScrollbars Enables the scrollbars in a FileMaker window. Mac/Win
XL.Initialize Initializes the XL library by loading it. All
XL.LoadBook Loads a Excel file. All
XL.NewBook Creates a new workbook in memory. All

60 functions.

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