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New in version 1.0

Name Description Mac/Win
AppleScript.Close Removes a Script from memory. Mac only
AppleScript.Compile Compiles the script and returns the Script ID. Mac only
AppleScript.Execute Executes an AppleScript that was previously compiled using the AppleScript.Compile function. Mac only
AppleScript.LastError Returns the last error code. Mac only
AppleScript.LastErrorMessage Returns the last error message. Mac only
AppleScript.Run The function compiles the AppleScript text and runs it. Mac only
CompileDate Returns the date the plug-in was compiled. All
CompileTime The time of day that the plug-in was compiled. All
Plugin.Functions Returns a list of all the functions in the plugin. All
Register This function is used to register the Plugin. All
Registration Returns a list of the currently registered components. All
Screen.Count Queries the number of screens. Mac/Win
Screen.Height Queries screen height. Mac/Win/iOS
Screen.Left Queries screen position. Mac/Win/iOS
Screen.Top Queries screen position. Mac/Win/iOS
Screen.Width Queries screen width. Mac/Win/iOS
Screenshot Takes a screenshot of the screen indicated by the "ScreenID" parameter. Mac/Win
ScreenshotRect This function will take snapshot of the area of the screen described by the first four Parameters. Mac/Win
Version Useful for doing auto-updates from server and version checking. All
Window.FindByIndex Returns the Window Reference for a window specified by the Index parameter. Mac/Win
Window.Hide Hides the window Specified by the Window Reference Mac/Win
Window.IsVisible Queries whether a window is visible. Mac/Win
Window.SetAlpha Set Alpha can be used to set the transparency of a window. Mac/Win
Window.SetBounds Sets the bounds of the window. Mac/Win
Window.Show Shows the window Specified by the Window Reference. Mac/Win

25 functions.

  Newer Version 1.1

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