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Functions only supported on FileMaker SDK on iOS

The functions listed below should work only with FileMaker SDK in your iOS app and not on Mac/Win.

Name Description Version
UNNotification.Action Queries identifier of action. 7.2
UNNotification.AddUserInfo Adds user info. 7.2
UNNotification.Badge Queries badge number. 7.2
UNNotification.Body Queries the body of the notification. 7.2
UNNotification.CategoryIdentifier Queries the category identifier. 7.2
UNNotification.Date Queries the date displayed on the notification. 7.2
UNNotification.DeliveredNotifications Queries list of delivered notifications. 7.2
UNNotification.Identifier Queries identifier. 7.2
UNNotification.IsRegisteredForRemoteNotifications Checks whether we can get remote notifications. 7.2
UNNotification.LaunchImageName Queries launch image name. 7.2
UNNotification.New Creates a new notification. 7.2
UNNotification.NextTriggerDate Quereis next trigger date. 7.2
UNNotification.NotificationSettings Checks notification settings. 7.2
UNNotification.PendingNotificationRequests Queries list of pending notifications. 7.2
UNNotification.Region Queries region of location based trigger. 7.2
UNNotification.Release Release reference to notification. 7.2
UNNotification.ReleaseAll Releases all notifications. 7.2
UNNotification.RemoteNotificationsDeviceToken Queries device token. 7.2
UNNotification.RemoteNotificationsError Queries the error from remote notification registration. 7.2
UNNotification.RemoveAllDeliveredNotifications Removes all delivered notifications from system. 7.2
UNNotification.RemoveAllPendingNotificationRequests Removed all pending notification requests. 7.2
UNNotification.RemoveDeliveredNotificationsWithIdentifiers Removes delivered notifications from system. 7.2
UNNotification.RemovePendingNotificationRequestsWithIdentifiers Removed pending notification requests. 7.2
UNNotification.Repeats Queries repeat status. 7.2
UNNotification.Schedule Schedule notification. 7.2
UNNotification.SetActionScript Sets which script to call when a notification’s action is triggered. 7.2
UNNotification.SetBadge Sets the badge number. 7.2
UNNotification.SetBody Sets the body of the notification. 7.2
UNNotification.SetCalendarTrigger Sets a calendar based trigger. 7.2
UNNotification.SetCategoryIdentifier Sets the category identifier. 7.2
UNNotification.SetLaunchImageName Sets the launch image name. 7.2
UNNotification.SetLocationTrigger Sets a location trigger. 7.2
UNNotification.SetScript Sets which script to call when a notification is presented. 7.2
UNNotification.SetSound Sets the sound to play. 7.2
UNNotification.SetSubTitle Sets the subtitle of the notification. 7.2
UNNotification.SetThreadIdentifier Sets thread identifier. 7.2
UNNotification.SetTimeIntervalTrigger Sets a time base trigger. 7.2
UNNotification.SetTitle Sets title of notification. 7.2
UNNotification.SubTitle Queries subtitle of notification. 7.2
UNNotification.ThreadIdentifier Queries thread identifier. 7.2
UNNotification.TimeInterval Queries time interval for time based trigger. 7.2
UNNotification.Title Queries title of notification. 7.2
UNNotification.Type Queries type of notification. 7.2
UNNotification.UserInfoKeys Queries keys for user info. 7.2
UNNotification.UserInfoValue Queries value for given key in user info. 7.2
iOSDevice.BatteryLevel The battery charge level for the device. 7.2
iOSDevice.BatteryState The battery state for the device. 7.2
iOSDevice.IdentifierForVendor An alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a device to the app’s vendor. 7.2
iOSDevice.IsBatteryMonitoringEnabled Checks whether battery monitoring is enabled. 7.2
iOSDevice.LocalizedModel The model of the device as a localized string. 7.2
iOSDevice.Model The model of the device. 7.2
iOSDevice.Name The name identifying the device. 7.2
iOSDevice.Orientation Returns the physical orientation of the device. 7.2
iOSDevice.OrientationIsLandscape Checks whether orientation is landscape. 7.2
iOSDevice.OrientationIsPortrait Checks whether orientation is portrait. 7.2
iOSDevice.SetBatteryMonitoringEnabled Changes battery monitoring state. 7.2
iOSDevice.SystemName The name of the operating system running on the device represented by the receiver. 7.2
iOSDevice.SystemVersion The current version of the operating system. 7.2
iOSDevice.UserInterfaceIdiom The style of interface to use on the current device. 7.2

59 functions.

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