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Component: WordFile

Modify Word files.

Load a word file, replace tags with real values and save file.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
WordFile.Append Appends one word file text to other. All 7.5
WordFile.AppendTableRow Duplicates a table row containing a placeholder. All 7.1
WordFile.DuplicateTableRow Duplicates a table row containing a placeholder. All 7.1
WordFile.FieldNames Queries field names in the file. All 7.5
WordFile.GetCaseless Queries caseless state. All 7.4
WordFile.GetFieldText Queries field value. All 7.5
WordFile.GetMediaFile Queries media file in word file. All 6.3
WordFile.GetXML Queries xml content of the word file. All 6.2
WordFile.HasTag Checks if a tag exists. All 5.4
WordFile.MediaFiles Queries list of media files in the word file. All 6.3
WordFile.OpenContainer Opens a word file from container. All 5.4
WordFile.OpenFile Opens a word file from file. All 5.4
WordFile.OpenText Opens a word xml file from text. All 5.4
WordFile.Parts Queries names of the parts of the document. All 6.2
WordFile.Release Frees the memory used for the word file. All 5.4
WordFile.RemoveTableRow Removes a table row containing a placeholder. All 7.0
WordFile.ReplaceTag Replaces a placeholder with text. All 5.4
WordFile.SetCaseless Sets caseless state. All 7.4
WordFile.SetFieldText Sets field value. All 7.5
WordFile.SetMarkers Sets the markers to look for before/after a tag. All 6.3
WordFile.SetMediaFile Sets a media file image. All 6.3
WordFile.SetXML Sets the xml for this word file. All 6.2
WordFile.Texts Extracts text of word file. All 5.4
WordFile.WriteFile Writes a file to disk. All 5.4

24 functions.

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