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Component: WebDownloadDelegate

Allow controlled downloads on Mac OS X webviewer.

Normally FileMaker ignores downloads. Using plugin classes you can allow downloads and get a script triggered when download completes.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
WebDownloadDelegate.Cancel Cancels download. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.ClearBeginDownloadHandler Clears the script called for beginning downloads. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.ClearDidDownloadHandler Clears the script called for finished downloads. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.ClearFailHandler Clears the script called for failed downloads. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.ClearFolder Clears the download folder. Mac only 2.8
WebDownloadDelegate.ClearProgressHandler Clears the script called for download progress. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.DownloadedLength Number of bytes downloaded so far. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.ErrorMessage The last error message from download. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.GetFolder Queries current defined download folder. Mac only 2.8
WebDownloadDelegate.Install Assigns this webviewer our download delegate. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.MIMEType Returns the MIME type. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.Path The file path of the downloaded file. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.SetBeginDownloadHandler Sets the script called when a download is about to begin. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.SetDidDownloadHandler Sets the script called when a download finished. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.SetFailHandler Sets the script called when a download failed. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.SetFolder Sets the download folder. Mac only 2.8
WebDownloadDelegate.SetProgressHandler Sets the script called when a download made progress. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.URL Queries current URL. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.expectedContentLength Returns the expected content length. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.suggestedFilename Returns a suggested filename. Mac only 2.7
WebDownloadDelegate.textEncodingName Returns the name of the receiver's text encoding provided by the response's originating source. Mac only 2.7

21 functions.

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