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Component: SmartCard

PCSC interface to SmartCard readers.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
SmartCard.Available Whether SmartCard API is available. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.BeginTransaction Starts a transaction. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.Cancel Terminates all outstanding actions within a specific resource manager context. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.CancelTransaction Cancels current transaction. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.Connect Connects to a smartcard. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.Control Direct control of the reader. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.Disconnect Disconnects card. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.EndTransaction Ends transaction. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.GetActiveProtocol Queries the active protocol. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.GetAttribute Retrieves the current reader attribute. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.HeaderTemplate Queries header template. Mac/Win 6.4
SmartCard.Init Initializes a smartcard context. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.ListReaderGroups Queries list of reader groups. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.ListReaders Queries list of readers. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.PerformSignature Performs signature. Mac/Win 7.0
SmartCard.ReadCertificate Reads certificate for smart cards. Mac/Win 7.0
SmartCard.Reconnect Reconnects to smart card with different protocol. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.Release Releases context and all memory needed. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.SetAttribute Sets the given reader attribute. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.Status Queries current status of smart card in reader. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.Transmit Sends a service request to the smart card and expects to receive data back from the card. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.TransmitReceiveHeader Returns the receive header from last Transmit. Mac/Win 6.3
SmartCard.Valid Determines whether a smart card context handle is valid. Mac/Win 6.3

23 functions.

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