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Component: Process

Query process details.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
Process.FrontProcessBundleID Queries bundleID of the frontmost app. Mac only 4.2
Process.FrontProcessName Queries name of the frontmost app. Mac/Win 4.2
Process.FrontWindowTitle Queries name of the frontmost window. Mac/Win 4.2
Process.GetCurrentDirectory Queries current directory. All 6.5
Process.IsFrontMost Checks if FileMaker is the frontmost application. Mac/Win 2.9
Process.IsRunning Checks if a process is running. Mac only 4.0
Process.KeepFrontMost Sets whether the plugin should keep FileMaker in front. Mac only 7.1
Process.LoadLibrary Loads a given native library. All 6.5
Process.SetCurrentDirectory Sets the current directory. All 6.5
Process.SetFrontMost Moves FileMaker application to the front. Mac only 2.9
ProcessActivity.List Lists all activities. Mac only 5.2
ProcessActivity.Options Queries option flags. Mac only 5.2
ProcessActivity.Reason Queries the reason text. Mac only 5.2
ProcessActivity.beginActivity Begins an activity. Mac only 5.2
ProcessActivity.endActivity Ends the activity started with ProcessActivity.beginActivity. Mac only 5.2

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