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Component: MetaDataQuery

Spotlight search for macOS and iOS.

Find files & folders on the computer based on metadata properties, content or file names.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
MetaDataQuery.AttributesForFile Queries properties for a file. Mac only 8.0
MetaDataQuery.Close Frees the metadata query. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.Create Creates a new metadata search object. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.GetEvaluate Queries expression to be run when shell is done. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.GetScriptFileName Queries filename of script to call in when shell is done. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.GetScriptName Queries name of script to call when shell is done. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.IsGathering Query whether gathering. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.IsStarted Query whether search is started. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.IsStopped Query whether search is stopped. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.PathAtIndex Queries path of an item in results. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.Paths Queries file paths. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.QueryString Queries the query string. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.ResultAtIndex Queries an item from result as JSON. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.ResultCount Queries number of found items. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.Results Queries results. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.SearchScopes Queries the search scopes. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.SetEvaluate Sets expression to be run when initial gathering is done. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.SetQueryString Sets the predicate to search. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.SetScript Sets which script to call when initial gathering is done. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.SetSearchScopes Sets the search scopes. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.StartQuery Attempts to start the query. Mac/iOS 8.0
MetaDataQuery.StopQuery Stops the receiver’s current query from gathering any further results. Mac/iOS 8.0

22 functions.

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