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Component: App

Functions to modify the current application.

Name Description Mac/Win Version
App.CancelUserAttentionRequest Cancels a previous user attention request. Mac only 6.1
App.GetDockBadgeLabel Returns the tile's current badge label. Mac only 2.6
App.GetDockIcon Queries the dock icon. Mac only 3.2
App.GetProcessName Queries the name of the application. Mac/Win 3.2
App.GetProcessPath Queries the path of the application. Mac/Win 3.5
App.MemoryUsed Queries amount of memory used. Mac/Win 6.5
App.RequestUserAttention Starts a user attention request. Mac only 6.1
App.SetDockBadgeLabel Sets the string to be displayed in the tile's badging area. Mac only 2.6
App.SetDockIcon Sets the image for the dock icon for this application. Mac only 3.2
App.SetProcessName Sets the name of the current application. Mac only 3.2

10 functions.

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