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Sends email asynchronously.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
WinSendMail 9.1 No Yes No No No
MBS( "WinSendMail.SendAsync"; WinSendMailRef; Flags )   More


Parameter Description Example value
WinSendMailRef The email reference number obtained using WinSendMai.CreateEmail function. $Email
Flags The flags.
Add 1 to show no dialog.
Add 2 to disable logon user interface.
Add 4 to disable parent window.


Returns OK or error.


Sends email asynchronously.
The email is sent using the locally installed mail client. But this function does not wait for the result.
Some email clients seem not to like more than one attachment.

With outlook you can keep text empty and attach a html file. Than Outlook will use the html file as content of the email and allows you to send html email.

Falls back to WinSendMail.SendAnsi if Unicode support is missing in older Windows versions.

Outlook loves to return failed, if you pass in email address for To/BCC/CC and no name.

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Created 28th February 2019, last changed 28th February 2019

WinSendMail.SendAnsi   -   WinSendMail.SetFrom

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