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Sets print parameters for WebView.Print method.

Component: WebView
Version: 2.1
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: No
Server: No
FileMaker Cloud: No

MBS( "WebView.SetPrintParameter"; ParameterName; ParameterValue )


Parameter Description Example value
ParameterName The name of the parameter. Can be horizontallyCentered, verticallyCentered, showPrintPanel, orientation, printer, bottomMargin, topMargin, leftMargin or rightMargin. orientation
ParameterValue The value for the given parameter: A boolean value for horizontallyCentered, verticallyCentered and showPrintPanel. "portrait" or "landscape" for orientation. The printer name for printer. A number for bottomMargin, topMargin, leftMargin or rightMargin. portrait


Returns OK or an error message.


Sets print parameters for WebView.Print method.
If showPrintPanel (Default 1) if set to 0, then no print window is shown. verticallyCentered and horizontallyCentered define if content is centered. If printer name is not valid, it will be ignored.

Version 5.2 adds PaperName, PaperWidth and PaperHeight.


Sets bottom margin to 5 points:

MBS("WebView.SetPrintParameter"; "bottomMargin"; 5)

Use square paper size:

Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("WebView.SetPrintParameter"; "paperWidth"; 800)]
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("WebView.SetPrintParameter"; "paperHeight"; 800)]

Use A4 paper:

MBS("WebView.SetPrintParameter"; "paperName"; "iso-a4")

Set landscape:

MBS("WebView.SetPrintParameter"; "orientation"; "landscape")

See also

WebView.SetPreferences   -   WebView.SetTitle

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