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Sets the value of the specified Check Box or Radiobutton.

Component: WebView
Version: 1.4
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: Yes
Server: No
FileMaker Cloud: No

MBS( "WebView.SetFormInputChecked"; WebViewerRef; FormNameOrIndex; FieldNameOrIndex; Value { ; OnlyVisible } )


Parameter Description Example value
WebViewerRef Either the Web Viewer Object Name or the Web Viewer ID as returned by "WebView.FindByName" function.
FormNameOrIndex Either the Name of the Form or the Index starting at 0
FieldNameOrIndex You can either pass the field name of the field indix. 0 is the first item
Value The value to set the input to.
OnlyVisible Optional
Whether to look for all fields or only the visible ones. Default is false.


Sets the value of the specified Check Box or Radiobutton.
To learn about forms and fields on a website, you can use the Form Utility application included with our plugin.


Set a field checked:

MBS( "WebView.SetFormInputChecked"; "web"; "myForm"; "isValid"; 1)

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