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Checks notification settings.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
UNNotification 7.2 Yes No No No Yes
MBS( "UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; Selector )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Selector What value to return or what action to do. "authorizationStatus"


Returns value or error.


Checks notification settings.
You can pass "update" to query new settings. This may be needed to know about changes the user may have made.
Pass "AuthorizationStatus" to get authorization status. Can be NotDetermined, Denied and Authorized.
Pass "alertStyle" to query alert style. Can be None, Banner or Alert.
Pass "soundSetting", "badgeSetting", "alertSetting", "notificationCenterSetting", "lockScreenSetting" or "carPlaySetting" to query settings. Can be NotSupported, Disabled or Enabled.

For MBS Plugin 9.1 or newer, you can also pass providesAppNotificationSettings (1 or 0), showPreviewsSetting (Always, WhenAuthenticated, Never) and criticalAlertSetting (NotSupported, Disabled, Enabled) to query those.


Query authorization status:

MBS( "UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; "AuthorizationStatus" )

Query alert style:

MBS( "UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; "alertStyle" )

Request update to settings:

MBS( "UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; "Update" )

Query sound setting:

MBS("UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; "soundSetting")

Query badge setting:

MBS("UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; "badgeSetting")

Query alert setting:

MBS("UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; "alertSetting")

Query notification center setting:

MBS("UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; "notificationCenterSetting")

Query lock screen setting:

MBS("UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; "lockScreenSetting")

Query car play setting:

MBS("UNNotification.NotificationSettings"; "carPlaySetting")

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Created 15th April 2017, last changed 25th January 2019

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