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Transfers the current call to the destination address.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
TAPI 5.0 No Yes Yes, Windows only No No
MBS( "TAPI.Transfer"; Call; OtherCall; Sync )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Call The call reference number. $Call
OtherCall The other call reference number. This is the consultation call created for the transfer. $Call2
Sync Indicates whether the method should be completed synchronously (1) or asynchronously (0). 1


Returns OK or error.


Transfers the current call to the destination address.

Call transfer involves setting up a consultation call in preparation for the transfer. Call2 is the identifier returned TAPI.CreateCall following the creation of a consultation call. TAPI.Finish (with AsTransfer) completes the transfer.

If the consultation call is not in the Connected state when Transfer is called, TAPI will use the destination address (as specified when the consultation call was first created via TAPI.CreateCall and try to connect at that time. If the original call had an empty destination address, Transfer will fail with error (invalid argument).

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Created 3th December 2014, last changed 3th December 2014

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