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Split values read from smart card.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
SmartCard 8.5 Yes Yes Yes No No
MBS( "SmartCard.SplitValues"; Input )   More


Parameter Description Example value
Input The hex encoded input string.


Returns JSON or error.


Split values read from smart card.
Files on smartcard can contain key/value data.
Returns JSON with an object containing numbers as text (key) and values as text.

Sample for JSON result:

"128":"MILLER, JOE",


Split file data:

Set Variable [ $json ; Value: MBS("SmartCard.SplitValues"; Card::FileData) ]
If [ MBS("IsError") ]
    Set Field [ Card::JSON ; "" ]
    Set Field [ Card::JSON ; MBS("JSON.Colorize"; $json) ]
End If

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Created 19th October 2018, last changed 19th October 2018

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