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Reconnects to smart card with different protocol.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
SmartCard 6.3 Yes Yes Yes No No
MBS( "SmartCard.Reconnect"; SmartCardContext; ShareMode; PreferredProtocols; Initialization )   More


Parameter Description Example value
SmartCardContext The smartcard context reference number. $SmartCardContext
ShareMode A flag that indicates whether other applications may form connections to the card.
Can be integer or one of the following texts: Exclusive (1), Shared (2) or Direct (3).
PreferredProtocols A number with bitmask of acceptable protocols for the connection or just the text name of the value for only one protocol.
Pass T0 (1), T1 (2), T15 (8, not on Windows), Any (3), RAW (4).
Initialization Type of initialization that should be performed on the card.
Can be Leave, Reset, Unpower or Eject.


Returns OK or error.


Reconnects to smart card with different protocol.
The Reconnect function reestablishes an existing connection between the calling application and a smart card. This function moves a card handle from direct access to general access, or acknowledges and clears an error condition that is preventing further access to the card.

On success we have a connection to a smart card.
You can query SmartCard.GetActiveProtocol

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Created 13th June 2016, last changed 19th June 2016

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