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Takes a screenshot of the screen indicated by the "ScreenID" parameter.

Component: Screenshot
Version: 1.0
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: Yes
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: No

MBS( "Screenshot"; ScreenID; Format; Quality; Filename )


Parameter Description Example value
ScreenID Zero Based index of the screens. If blank "0" is assumed 0
Format The format of the file (currently only JPEG is supported) JPEG
Quality The quality of the image. From 0 to 1024. 512
Filename The desired file name MyCoolFile


Returns the image as a container value so you can assign it to a container.


Takes a screenshot of the screen indicated by the "ScreenID" parameter.
Use "Set Field" to set the result of this function into any container field. On PCs only the main monitor is supported, screen id 0.
Updated for Mac OS X 10.7 in plugin version 2.5.


Capture screen as JPEG:

ScreenID = 0;
Format = "JPEG";
Quality = 512;
Filename = "MyCoolFile"
ScreenID ;
Format ;
Quality ;

Screen.Width   -   ScreenshotRect

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