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Opens the movie from container.

Component: QTMovie
Version: 4.0
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: No
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: No

MBS( "QTMovie.OpenContainer"; Container )


Parameter Description Example value
Container The container with the movie file. MyTable::MovieContainer


Returns Movie Reference or error.


Opens the movie from container.
This loads the movie in RAM.
Returns the movie reference which must be released with QTMovie.Release function.
See also QTMovie.OpenFile or QTMovie.OpenURL.
Works with normal container, compressed container and referenced container file.
For interactive containers it may be better to use MovieView.Movie as FileMaker already loaded the video and we can reference it instead of loading it again.


Open Movie

$Movie = MBS( "QTMovie.OpenContainer"; MyTable::MovieContainer )

Close it later

MBS( "QTMovie.Release"; $Movie )

Load and play:

# Open Container
Set Variable [$$Movie; Value:MBS("QTMovie.OpenContainer"; QTMovie::MovieContainer)]
# Play it
Set Variable [$r; Value:MBS("QTMovie.Play"; $$Movie)]
# later you should release movie to free memory

See also

Example Databases

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