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Queries a page property.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
PDFKit 5.0 Yes No Yes, macOS only No Yes

MBS( "PDFKit.GetPDFPageValue"; PDF; index; Selector; Parameter { ; DontRenderPreview } )


Parameter Description Example value
PDF A PDF reference number from PDFKit.Open. $ref
index The index of the page. From zero to PDFKit.GetPDFPageCount-1. 1
Selector Which value to pick. "label"
Parameter For dataRepresentation the filename. For width/height/x/y the index of the box: 0 = media box, 1 = crop box, 2 = bleed box, 3 = trim box, 4 = art box.
DontRenderPreview Optional
Optional for dataRepresentation. Pass 1 to not create a JPEG with preview of first page as part of the container.


Returns OK or error.


Queries a page property.

labelThe page label. Usually "1" for the first page, "2" for the second, etc.
rotationRotation on a page.
numberOfCharactersNumber of characters on the page (including linefeeds and spaces inserted).
stringString (with linefeeds and in some cases spaces inserted) representing the text on the page.
attributedStringSame as string, but with formatting.
displaysAnnotationsWhether to display annotations if page is drawn.
dataRepresentationThe page as a PDF document. Pass as parameter the file name to use for the container value.
widthThe width of page.
heightThe height of page.
XThe x offset of page bounds.
YThe y offset of page bounds.

For X/Y/Width/Height you can specify which box to use in the parameter.

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Created 16th February 2015, last changed 9th March 2015

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