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Renders an image of a page in a PDF document.

Component Version macOS Windows Linux Server iOS SDK License
PDFKit 2.1 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ✅ Yes, on macOS ✅ Yes Free
MBS( "PDFKit.GetPDFPageImage"; PDF; index { ; ImageType; FileName; DPI; box; ClearBackground } )   More


Parameter Description Example Flags
PDF A container value with the PDF content from a media field. Or a text with an URL. Or a PDF reference from PDFKit.Open.
index The index of the page.
From zero to PDFKit.GetPDFPageCount-1.
ImageType The type of image to return.
Either JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP. Default is JPEG.
"JPEG" Optional
FileName The filename to use for the picture.
Default is "image" with the extension matching the image type.
"test.jpg" Optional
DPI The DPI to use for the resolution of the image. Default is 72. 72 Optional
box The PDF box to use. Can be Media Box = 0, Crop Box = 1, Bleed Box = 2, TrimBox = 3 or ArtBox = 4. If the box is not defined, we fall back to the media box. Default is 0. 1 Optional
ClearBackground Optionally, whether to have a transparent background (1) vs. a white background (0).
Default is 0 for white.
For JPEG, you can't pass 1.
0 Optional


Returns a container with a JPEG picture of the PDF page. You can store it in a media field.


Renders an image of a page in a PDF document.
With plugin version 2.4 you can specify format with ImageType parameter.

Due to bugs in Apple’s PDFKit you may see memory leaks with JPEG data from PDF pages (seen in macOS 10.12).
For Windows, Linux or iOS, please check DynaPDF.RenderPage or DynaPDF.GeneratePreview function.

See Plugin.SetPreviewSize to control size of preview picture.


Render page 2 of a PDF into a picture

MBS( "PDFKit.GetPDFPageImage"; $ref; 1; "jpeg"; "test.jpg"; 300; 1 )

Render first page of a PDF in a container:

MBS( "PDFKit.GetPDFPageImage"; TableName::ContainerFieldName; 0; "jpeg"; "image.jpg" )

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Created 18th August 2014, last changed 4th October 2021

PDFKit.GetPDFPageFormattedText - PDFKit.GetPDFPagePDF

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