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Reads the version number of the dongle.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
MatrixDongle 5.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes No

MBS( "MatrixDongle.Version" { ; DongleNumber; PortNumber } )


Parameter Description Example value
DongleNumber Optional
This is the dongle number when several dongles are plugged in one after the other. The maximum number of dongles available can be determined via the MatrixDongle.Count function.
A maximum of 99 dongles can be connected to the LPT port and a maximum of 127 dongles to the USB connection.
The plugin uses 1 if you don't pass this parameter.
PortNumber Optional
With LPT dongles, this is the number of the LPT port to which the dongles are connected. With LPT dongles, the port number must be between 1 and 3. Example: 1 for LPT1, 2 for LPT2 or 3 for LPT3.
With USB, this parameter must be 85.
This variable is ignored with network calls.
Default for MBS Plugin is 85 for USB.


Returns version number or error.


Reads the version number of the dongle.
Format is x.y using major and minor version number.


Queries version:

Set Field [MatrixDongle::Version; MBS( "MatrixDongle.Version" )]

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Created 1st August 2015, last changed 1st August 2015

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