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Returns the values for an attribute in an entry.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
LDAP 7.4 Yes Yes Yes Yes No

MBS( "LDAP.SearchResult.AttributeValuesByName"; LDAPRef; EntryIndex; AttributeName { ; NoReturnEnding } )


Parameter Description Example value
LDAPRef The reference number for the LDAP connection. $ldap
EntryIndex The index in the search results.
Range from 0 to LDAP.SearchResult.EntryCount-1.
AttributeName The name of the attribute. "FirstName"
NoReturnEnding Optional
Pass 1 to have no extra newline character on the end of the returned list. Default is 1 to include none, so a list with one value behaves as a text value.


Returns value, list or error.


Returns the values for an attribute in an entry.
This function searches attributes by name instead of index.
If nothing is found, you get empty result.

See also

LDAP.SearchResult.AttributeValues   -   LDAP.SearchResult.Count

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