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Component: FM
Version: 1.2
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: Yes
Server: Yes

MBS( "FM.VariableSet" ; Name; Value )


Parameter Description Example value
Name the name of the variable
Value the value to assign to the variable


Stores a named text variable that can be retrieved later using FM.VariableGet.
Unlike the variables that were introduced in FileMaker 8 these variables are not limited to the File or Script. In other words they can be retrieved from any file in the system regardless of where they were declared. All valuables are stored in their native data types (up to version 4.4 only text). You will need to convert them to the desired type when you want use them with comparison or math operators.
Use FM.VariableClear to clear the variable.

See also FM.VariableClear, FM.VariableExists, FM.VariableGet, FM.VariableList, FM.VariableReset.


Set a variable

MBS( "FM.VariableSet" ; "myVar"; "Hello" )

FM.VariableReset   -   FileDialog.GetAllowMulti

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