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Installs a notification evaluation.

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
Events 6.2 Yes No No No No

MBS( "Events.SetNotificationEvaluate"; Expression )


Parameter Description Example value
Expression The expression to evaluate. "Let ( $$Done = 1 ; 1 )"


Returns OK or error.


Installs a notification evaluation.
This expression is evaluated whenever something in the calendar database changed.

Notification is sent out when the database is changed by either an external process, another event store in the same process, or by calling saveEvent: or removeEvent: on a store you are managing. When you receive this notification, you should consider all objects instances you have to be invalid. If you had selected events for a date range using Events.Events, etc. for display, you should release them and re-fetch the events again. If you have an event you are actively using (e.g. you are currently viewing details for it or editing it), you can call Events.Object.Refresh to try to revalidate it against the latest state of the database. If that method returns 1, you can continue to use the event, otherwise, you should release it and abandon what you were doing with it.

This expression will also be evaluated if access to events or reminders is changed by the user.

See also

Events.SetNotification   -   Events.Source.Calendars

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