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Sets the time

Component Version macOS Windows Server FileMaker Cloud FileMaker iOS SDK
CURL 2.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

MBS( "CURL.SetOptionTimeCondition"; Handle; Value )


Parameter Description Example value
Handle The CURL session handle. $curl
Value The time condition. Pass 0 for none, 1 for If Modified since, 2 for If not modified since. 2


Returns "OK" on success.


Sets the time
Pass a number as parameter. This defines how the CURL.SetOptionTimeValue time value is treated. You can set this parameter to CURL_TIMECOND_IFMODSINCE (1) or CURL_TIMECOND_IFUNMODSINCE (2). This feature applies to HTTP, FTP, RTSP, and FILE.

The last modification time of a file is not always known and in such instances this feature will have no effect even if the given time condition would not have been met. CURL.GetCondititionUnmet can be used after a transfer to learn if a zero-byte successful "transfer" was due to this condition not matching.

See also

CURL.SetOptionTelnetOptions   -   CURL.SetOptionTimeOut

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