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Selects some jobs and returns the count of jobs found.

Component: CUPS
Version: 2.5
Mac OS X: Yes
Windows: No
Server: Yes
FileMaker Cloud: No

MBS( "CUPS.GetJobsCount" { ; Name; OnlyMyJobs; whichJobs } )


Parameter Description Example value
Name Optional
Name of the printer queue to query. If no name or empty string is specified, we get all queues.
OnlyMyJobs Optional
Pass either "my" for your users jobs or "all" for all jobs.
whichJobs Optional
Pass "active" to get only active jobs, "all" for all jobs or "complete" for completed jobs.


The number of jobs found.


Selects some jobs and returns the count of jobs found.
First call this function to build job list. Than call other GetJob* functions to query values.

With indexes from 0 to count-1, you can call the other functions CUPS.GetJobState, CUPS.GetJobCompletionTime, CUPS.GetJobCreationTime, CUPS.GetJobProcessingTime, CUPS.GetJobPrinter, CUPS.GetJobID, CUPS.GetJobTitle, CUPS.GetJobPriority, CUPS.GetJobFormat, CUPS.GetJobSize and CUPS.GetJobUser.


Query all jobs:

MBS( "CUPS.GetJobsCount"; ""; "all"; "all"" )

See also

CUPS.GetJobUser   -   CUPS.GetPrinterCount

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